About us

Our objectives

At bellacodefashion , we partner with our customers to offer quality, fashionable products at a price everyone can afford. We do this by researching and monitoring fashion trends, then carefully selecting products from the hundreds of fashion design houses we do business with.

We are a spiritual family and consider ourselves a “faith-based business”. Our promise is to treat you fairly, with honesty and respect, and make your online shopping adventure the best experience possible.

Our principles

As part of our business plan, we operate each and every day using the following seven core principles:

    1. Trust – honesty and integrity are core values – our word is our bond.
    2. Urgency – operate quickly at all times.
    3. Relationships – customers are our partners.
    4. Respect – customers should be treated like family.
    5. Innovate – escape the traditional fashion mold, think out of the box, embrace change and innovate freely.
    6. Citizenship – our success should be shared with others.
    7. Perspective – fashion and apparel should be exciting and fun – but never forget there’s always a higher purpose.